Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive. Take a minute to read through them and don't hesitate to reach out with any more!




Where are you located ?

Alpharetta & Atlanta, Georgia! I know them like the back of my hand since I grew up around here! If you'd like ideas for places in Georgia to visit, shoot, or explore let me know!

How many images do you include?

Each one of my packages varies in the number of included images, some packages have more variety than others. These are your memories, I want to capture them completely & fully to remember this time in your lives.

What is your turnaround time?

The turnaround depends on how much I shoot, how busy I am, my travel schedule, & the holidays. Generally sessions take 2 weeks or less & weddings take 4-5 weeks or less. I'll deliver the pictures to you as soon as possible while allowing time to fine tune the details of each and every image.

Do you give RAW unedited images?

I do not give unedited images, as I believe that editing is half the vision that goes into images & without this huge step the images are only halfway complete. But, if you feel I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m more than happy to check back through my images and send it over to you. Your memories are what's most important.

How do payment schedules work?

I require a 30% retainer to secure your spot on my calendar for any shoot. The remaining 70% is due on the day of the shoot, except for weddings, which is due 1 month prior to the wedding.

What do I wear for photos?

I'll provide a, "What to Wear" guide / list of images that will help guide your outfit choices. Don’t panic I’ve got you!

What if I need to cancel / reschedule our shoot or wedding?

All deposits are non-refundable. A new deposit will have to be made in order to hold your new date.

What if there’s bad weather?

I always encourage embracing whatever weather comes our way, as it’s beautiful and unique in photos. If it is harsh enough that it would make for a brutal time at our shoot and I can reschedule (or ruin my gear), then we totally will with no additional charge!

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?

If for some reason I was unable to shoot your wedding (illness, near death, weather) circumstances beyond my control, I would do my best to help find a replacement photographer with a similar style. I am not legally held to do so, but can do my best. If I can’t make it to your wedding, your money will be refunded.


Still have Questions?

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